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From the very inception, AGS National Academy focus has been to provide modern and holistic education to underprivileged children. The team at AGS National Academy strongly believes that a solid foundation for the early years is quintessential for a child to continue in the path of learning. The mission has been to inculcate strong values and a love for learning.

Till now we studied thousands of poor, handicapped and orphan children for free, now we are going to open our own big academy in which not only they learn but also live there.

We are trying to built such a academy in which there are all the facilities related to education, proper infrastructure where every children learn & play. Our academy is funded for around ₹15 crore. We are going to open both English, Hindi & Urdu Medium for our children and there is Sanskrit learning also. We have a huge number of retired government teachers who want to teach our students for free. 

We are also going to build a small medical area inside our academy. Our main motive is to teach such kids and make them better, make them that much capable so that they can earn for their living.

Location - Village Chandora Jani, Siwal Khas, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250501

If anyone want to contribute it'll be a huge help to us.